PEW-7 / PEW-7R

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Body Made of mild steel. The housing has two retort rods and a cross bar on which the glass apparatus can be fixed.
Hot Plates Aluminum hot plates are mounted on the body painted with black paint.
Finish Painted with enamel paint.
Heating and Control
Control In PEW-7, only one energy regulator is provided for all the hot plates. However, individual ON/OFF switch and a pilot lamp is provided for each hot plate.
In PEW-7R, one energy regulator is provided with every hot plate, so that each can be used at a different temperature.
Temp. Range Maximum surface temperature 200OC.
Model Plates Energy Regulator Total Heater Rating
PEW-7 - a 4 Common (Single) 640 W
PEW-7 - b 6 Common (Single) 960 W
PEW-7R - a 4 Individual (Four) 640 W
PEW-7R - b 6 Individual (Six) 960 W
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